BCTickleAndFetish – The Rookie Can’t Take It

Mercedesz tickled the hell out of Gia but now her time has come. Mercedesz is deathly ticklish! Truly one of the most ticklish girls you will ever see. This is her first time being tied and tickled and she barely survived lol. Gia starts out on her feet which is probably her worst spot along with her armpits. Gia is barely grazing her nails along the bottom of her soles and already Mercedesz is freaking out. Gia pays no mind as she wants retribution. Gia’s nails on her feet was bad enough but now it’s time to tickle her upper body. Her first tickling experience proves to be to much for Mercedesz. Gia’s nails now invade her belly button, armpits, and stomach. Mercedesz gets driven over the edge now and Gia takes full advantage. The tickling is a little slower and less intense in this video. Mercedesz is truly over the top ticklish and cannot take it. Even the slower, more deliberate tickling is enough to drive Mercedesz insane!

Duration: 10:19.492
Size: 455,644 Mb

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