BCTickleAndFetish – You See These Nails!

Bella took a great deal of tickling from Tapered. Luckily her boyfriend came home, caught Tapered in the act, and freed Bella. Now Bella has a chance to tickle torture the muscular frame of Tapered and get some revenge. Tapered thinks that she’s strong enough to break out of the bondage but quickly sees that’s not the case. She questions rather or not Bella can make her break. What she doesn’t realize is that Bella has extremely long nails which turn out to be the perfect kryptonite to Tapered’s muscles. Bella flat out tickles the hell out of Tapered! She starts with the feet using her nails primarily then switching to a barrage of tools. Tapered lets out some really loud screams and laughter. Like a lot of strong women, she struggles very hard and goes nuts. When Bella moves to her upper body it’s all over. You should hear the screams Tapered lets out when Bella’s nails tickle her armpits, ribs, and abs. This strong, muscular, bodybuilder is TICKLISH! Surprisingly, despite Bella’s relentless nails, Tapered remains defiant. Bella just continues to torture her breathless. Don’t miss this video! Tapered is one of the most ticklish bodybuilders you will ever see!

Duration: 11:30.778
Size: 517,755 Mb

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