BellaInkProductions – Captain America Bella Gets Tickled by Supergirl Andi

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Captain america girl bella has had along day of fighting crime! As she is outside taking a break from using her shield and powers, she is met by super girl andi! Andi confronts her being upset that captain america girl is stealing all the crime and getting all the fame from the city and the world. As capt america laughs at her supergirl doesnt find it amusing and gives her a right hook. As she knocks bella out she drags her to the house so she can get her tickle torture revenge on her! Finally in the room she has capt america lying on the bed, laughing as shes playing with her limbless body she then starts to slowly undress her stripping her powers away from her! Once supergirl is done tying her to the bed. She brings different objects to tickle bella with! Once finally coming to she tries to get out of the ropes and cant she has no powers! As supergirl uses all her powers on her and tickles her with every object she can think of, she decides to stop enduring all that torture on poor bella! Now as she leaves ms captain america there, she decides to take her outfit so now she can be ms captain america and have all the powers in the world! Will bella ever be able to get out of the ropes and gain her title back and get revenge on supergirl?

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