BellaInkProductions – Fooled into Being Tickled with Bella Tara & Constance

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Bella has Tara and Constance over for their first massage with her as she instructs them to get down only to their panties and lay down on the bed. Bella convinces them she\'s going to tie their hands and feet together for more pleasure. She also blindfolds them and tells them that this will be the best massage they have ever had. As she bring out her tickling utensils she start conceiving in her mind what she wants to do them. She starts off slowly with her fingers while she starts first tickling them the girls start to question what and why are they being tickled. Bella doesn\'t answer to their questions and starts to tickle torture them. She starts using a feather on them starting at their feet going up and around their bodies. But Bella hasn\'t had enough yet she then goes for the pin wheel and tickles them mercilessly she then tells them that she hasn\'t tickled in a long time and she felt it was the best time to do it. As both girls are extremely ticklish she grabs her next tool of destruction the claw and the brush. Once she uses them the girls begin to cry in laughter begging and pleading for Bella to stop. Bella immediately stops tricking the girls that she is done she brings out the brush and starts forcefully tickling both even knocking one off the bed. So, when does Bella stop we don't know?

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