BellaInkProductions – Nikki Brooks Bound & Tickled

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Nikki Brooks is going selling insurance door to door today an there’s one house she hasn’t hit yet because everyone at work has told her to stay away from the lady because she is crazy. But Nikki figures if nobody hasn’t talked in a long time then she’ll definitely be able to sell her some insurance. So, Nikki knocks at the door and Bella answers the door all paranoid. So Nikki introduces her self and is welcomed inside by Bella and as soon as she looks down to grab her brochure Bella attacks her with a right hook and down goes Nikki. Bella stand over a while and fantasizes what she is about to do to her it’s been a while since she has tied anyone down and tickle them. So Bella leaves to get her ropes she comes back and begins to bound Nikki to the chair, but wait not before she undress her, what fun would that be if she’s all clothes up Nope! clothes OFF! So Bella strips off her shirt first revealing she has no bra on she gives them a squeeze nice and then she strips her pants down then she ties her feet in the air to the chair so she can tickle them better. Bella then begins to bring out her toys and one by one tease and taunt Nikki’s size 8.5 feet making her blurt out in laughter while being blindfolded. Watch as Bella abuse’s Nikki’s feet making her erupt in an orgasmic sound of laughter to which she comes up with another idea. Well since I have you tied up here I’m going to put your clothes on and pretend I’m you, I’m going to be rude to your customers and maybe wreck your car, huh we’ll see.? Nikki begs and pleads with Bella to let her go but with out hesitation Bella dresses in Nikki’s outfit and leaves her there as she walks out in her clothes. Nikki can only cry and wonder what will happen to her, her job her life what if she someone WHAT IF SHE ME?!!

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