BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Darcia Captured Bound and Extreme Foot Tickled

Darcia is walking down an alley when she asks someone directions and finds herself bound with a sock over her head and ! She wakes up with a black bag over her head and her one naked foot positioned in front of her. Immediately the tickle torture begins and Darcia shrieks and squirms as her soft sole is accosted and tickled. After some time the black bag is pulled off and her leg is weighted down to limit movement. She can now see her foot being tickled relentlessly – and that makes her all the more sensitive. He foot is tickled from all angles as she squirms and shrieks and her cute toes curl and splay. Lots of nice closeups of her soft wrinkly sole. Finally when it’s over her head is bagged again and she is left alone to contemplate what’s just happened and what is to come!

Duration: 18:18.080
Size: 1 191,323 Mb

Download – Darcia Captured Bound and Extreme Foot Tickled

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