BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Kelly Fake Exam, One Bare Foot Forced Tickle

When two nurses want to learn what someone’s heart registers when they are tickled they convince nurse trainee Kelly that the doctor on call requires a that she undergo a snap checkup. Kelly suspects something is amiss when she is tied down, but it’s too late to do anything about it. Her shoe is pulled off and her barefoot finger tickled relentlessly while she squirms and giggles. Meanwhile, the head nurse uses a stethoscope to check Kelly’s heart while she reacts to the relentless tickling. You can be sure her heart is racing as as her wiggling toes react to her tender soles are being tickled.

Duration: 20:10.360
Size: 1 301,563 Mb

Download – Kelly Fake Exam, One Bare Foot Forced Tickle

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