BleuFetishTickling – Bandit, Bella, and Bleu Balls!

Bella keeps promising to let Bandit cum , but let’s just say his begging and pleading doesn’t work very well. We Begin with Bandit strapped down to the Tickle Board. Kinky Bella comes into frame saying “Well Well Well, if its not the Bandit tied up” As she lightly touches his leg with her finger tips, Bandit replies “bring it on” she laughs and says “I dont think youre ready.” He is very scared and already squirming as she lightly touches him “nothing has even happened yet, ….LIKE THIS!” and starts tickling his feet and going back and forth between his inner thighs and under the knees, tickling all the way from the along his ribs and to his armpits. She stays at the armpits, and Bandit is already asking “oh fuck, what do you want from me?” Bella laughs and says “its really about what you want from me isn’t it?” He laughs and grunts and tries to hold in his misery as she tickles his armpits he says “I’m not going to give you the satisfaction!”

She goes for the ribs and the back and she says “oh is the back ticklish?” and Bandit replies “yeah its a great massage” “Oh is that all?” she replies, and then jumps on top on him and attacks the armpits and ribs, and then he really starts letting out the laughter! She then decides “you have entirely too much freedom, I think its time you don’t see it coming!” She then puts a blindfold on Bandit, where he says “Oh come on!” She then turns around to tickle his feet, he’s squirming and laughing as she has a blast attacking him all over. Then she hops off to grab her Toys, in come the MEAT SHREDDERS! using the shredders, she starts tickling him, still blindfolded, and he immediately goes “oh what is that!” she goes up and down his legs and ribs, attacking his armpits with her fingers again. Then comes the Pursonic toothbrush , and she goes to town tickling his feet, and now he wont hold still for her. Bella really has fun going up and down his body with the Pursonic, tickling his armpits with it while also reaching to tickle his feet with her other hand! “Oh Fuck ” is all he can blurt out while losing control.

She goes back and forth between the Pursonic and her fingers, having a lot of fun tormenting him going between the belly and the crotch, inner thighs, taunting him and then notices his hard-on, so she asks him “want me to do something nice for you?” he responds “oh please” and she says “I think you need a little more” as she teases him with the Pursonic, and then attacks with her hands “I want you to BEG” and really goes to town on his ribs and jumps on top of him and says “you’re being so good, laying perfectly still” and then goes to town yet again, a lot of torment and teasing, she’s totally using him as her own personal tickle toy. A lot of inner thigh tickling while on top him Bella says ” mmm, you want me to do something nice for you?” “yes please!” Bandit responds! Bella tickles him all around his belly and ribs, driving him absolutely crazy, and starts to say “I want you to beg for me! ” She tells him “Say Please Mistress Bella I’ll do anything you want!” He obeys but she says “Oh yeah, you’ll worship me? make me feel good? This isn’t about you, I’m doing this for my enjoyment” and continues to tickle him all over, a lot of great inner thigh tickling while she eggs him on to beg “Please Please Mistress!”

She’s having a lot of fun being a complete cock tease this whole scene, promising if Bandit makes her happy and is a good boy “I think I might let you cum” as she sits on him and just working his inner thighs, driving him absolutely crazy! She then finally says “Well I tell you what, since you’ve been such a good boy, and you followed directions, I think I’m going to give you what you want!” He seems so excited, as she starts to get off of him saying “I’ll be right back, I’m really going to give it to you.” Bandit lays there saying “Mistress! are you coming back?!” You can hear her laughing as she walks away, leaving him stiff and in his frustration just blurts out “Fuuuuck!” This was a really hot scene! Bella and Bandit were really great together, check it out 😉

Length: 16:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bandit, Bella, and Bleu Balls!


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