Bondagio – Tickling sleepover

Olivia is visiting her step-sister Bramble, and she is hosting a sleepover with Maya, a friend from school. They decide to spice up things a bit and involve Maya in her sexy tickling games, since she wanted to tickle Maya for long time and invited her for the sleepover for that purpose, while Maya didn’t suspect anything. Olivia mention that she likes to tickle and that some people get turned on by it, to check if Maya is interested; and she start to play with Bramble, first tickling her sides and then removing her sock and tickling her foot; being very sexy with her in the meantime, to the point where they are almost kissing each other.

Maya observe the scene and feel aroused, using her hands to touch her breast and crotch. Olivia notice it and move towards Maya, asking her if she is likes girls and tickling. Maya is shy but Olivia grab Maya ‘s hand and put it on her foot, telling her that she is also ticklish. Maya start to tickle Olivia’s foot with the stockings on, while they kiss, and with her other hand she start touching herself.

Maya is clearly horny so Olivia tell her about their game: they tickle each other but if someone get aroused and have an orgasm, that person will be the one tickled by the others. So Maya take off her pajama, sit on the floor naked. Olivia remove ankle stockings and keep tickling her feet using her fingers and mouth. Her other hand is between her legs masturbating, while Bramble goes behind her and start teasing her neck, kissing it, and her nipples, which turn her on even more, while Olivia laugh and beg her to stop. Bramble at this point move up on the sofa, take off Olivia lingerie leaving her naked, and start to tickle her on her sides and armpits, and then move on her nipples; while teasing her and kissing her sometimes, which makes Olivia laugh and beg even more, and turn on Maya even more; which at this point is masturbating fast and getting an orgasm.

Since Maya had an orgasm, she will be tickled now. Olivia and Bramble tie her up to the bed completely naked, and start to play with her upperbody first, teasing her underarms and sides, asking her which are the most sensitive parts;while they take turn kissing her and kissing each other. They then move to Maya’s feet, using her fingers and tongue; which makes Maya laugh and beg her to stop, especially because she is very sensitive after having an orgasm. But Bramble is getting very aroused by her reactions, so she get naked and start masturbating while playing with Maya’s feet, teasing her.

Olivia kiss Bramble’s neck and tease her nipples a bit, before move to Maya upperbody.
Olivia tease Maya, alternating between tickling her armpits and sides to her nipples; she take some oil and start slowly ringing Maya’s nipples, which are also very sensitive; while Bramble is enjoying herself tickling Maya’s feet; they both make Maya beg and laugh; until Bramble get an orgasm.

Now is Bramble’s turn to be tickled, as she had the orgasm; so both Maya and Olivia start taking their time, doing the same they did with Maya. They start with the upperbody, being sure to tickle Bramble from her armpits to sides, nipples and on her panty area.

Then Olivia goes to play with Bramble’s feet while Maya take care of ring Bramble nipples with fingers, tongue and oil, alternating with tickling on her armpits and sides. Olivia is clearly very aroused, as she is the only one that didn’t have an orgasm yet and Bramble teased her a lot when she was tickled before, so she use the oil on Bramble’s foot while masturbating, making her laugh and beg. Maya move to tickle Bramble’s feet too, teasing her while she help Olivia to get an orgasm, by kissing her and playing with her nipples with her mouth, and then moving to Bramble’s feet while looking at Olivia.

Olivia is super excited looking at Maya tickling Bramble and at the same time looking at her, and have an orgasm too. The girls kiss each other; then they hear that their step parents are back, so they untie Bramble and run away to get dressed.

Length: 39:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

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