BoundTicklingArchives – Naked Ela Bound And Tickled!

Ela is tall with an adorably bubbly personality and an *amazing* body that was made to be tickled! In the first sequence Ela is topless and bound to the bed with her long arms above her head. Ela is SO TICKLISH and freaks out while her hot underarms are ravaged with hard aggressive tickling. “OH MY GOD! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Ela screams. I get good reactions from Elas sides and tummy but keep going back to those sexy CRAZY TICKLISH underarms! In the second sequence of the clip Ela is naked, her wrists are bound behind her back, and her sides tummy and extra extra sensitive hips are all tickled while Ela completely loses it. Ela is amazing and so adorable.

Duration: 12:10.096
Size: 224,6 Mb

Download – Naked Ela Bound And Tickled!

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