BoundTicklingArchives – Ticklish Ashley Bed Bound And Begging!

Tall bratty Ashley is in her underwear and bound for tickling in two different positions while she protests vocally and has a giggle freak out! First she is bound to the bed and I start with those exposed and vulnerable underarms which makes Ashley giggle and writhe around, rocking her body back and forth. After barely a minute of tickling Ashley is already begging for the tickling to stop! But I can’t stop until I tickle Ashleys adorable chubby tummy which is SO TICKLISH! I tickle my way up to her sides while Ashley laughs, writhes, and begs some more for the tickling to stop. But Ashleys ticklish ordeal is far from over and she freaks out with more hysterical laughter and begging when she is hogtied for more tickling! Ashleys feet, ass, and sides are the prime targets in this position.

Duration: 10:03.502
Size: 187,072 Mb

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