BrokenShellFantasies – Akira Tickles Frank’s Christmas Magic

It seems Frank is quite the gift for Akira! He’s all dolled up as a festive present, and the best part? He’s all bare and naked, with his hands and feet securely tied to the table. It’s like a tantalizing feast for Akira’s holiday entertainment- it’s tickle time for the season! Feeling the holiday stress big time, Akira’s been carrying that stress baggage for days. It’s high time she finds a way to let it all out and release that pent-up energy. And she’s got a plan to give Frank a tantalizing touch – those skillful fingers are ready to work their magic and give his body a tickle that’ll send shivers down his spine!

With fingers primed for tickling, Akira playfully explores Frank’s body, looking for his most sensitive spots. And let’s just say, his cock definitely takes the crown! Absolutely losing it, Frank is just unable to handle the intense sensation of his cock being tickled as he desperately tries to keep it together while experiencing the delightful tickling from the very tip of his cock, all the way down to his shaft and even at the back of his balls. And with her arsenal of tickling toys, she’s about to turn up the stimulation to a whole new level. Frank better be ready for one unforgettable (and maybe slightly miserable) holiday-tickling experience!

Tickle tolerance on the low side, Frank’s practically wheezing for breath after Akira unleashes a tickle attack that had him in stitches! The feather toy tickling his cock really gets him squirming, but it’s the electric toothbrush that truly sends him into a squirmy frenzy. Laughing and squirming as he tries to escape the tickling sensation of a buzzing brush on his cock, just when he thinks it can’t get any more intense, Akira takes aim at his wrinkled soles, giving his sensitive feet a thorough scratching.

Going all out on Frank, tickling him in all the right places, it’s a sensory overload that won’t last long, but boy, is it intense! How Frank loved the fun tickling sessions, where his laughter blew up and his body wriggled uncontrollably, and Akira? Well, she couldn’t help but revel in the holiday cheer that Frank’s hilarious sensitivity issues brought about!

Length: 11:00
Resolution: 4096×2160

Download – Akira Tickles Frank’s Christmas Magic


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