BrokenShellFantasies – Blowing Raspberries On His Belly

Irene reiterates to Dexter how being tied and shackled is extremely necessary for this fun session – all to make sure that his soft hairy belly is nicely exposed for her to poke fun of!

Lightly touching and caressing it with her expert fingers, Irene goes in tickling him so softly on his sensitive belly. This is what happens when he doesn’t act like an adult, not being serious about studying. And since he has been such a lazy adult guy, he deserves some raspberry-blowing on his belly!

Getting up close and personal with his sensitive belly, Irene plants her lips on his tummy skin, and unleashes a gust of air that sends Dexter into a laughter frenzy! Irene’s breath tickles his tummy, making him giggle and squirm with oversensitivity. Dexter’s turning pink and gasping for air as Irene’s belly blows hit him hard. He’s laughing like a maniac, but deep down, he knows he deserves it for not taking his studies seriously. Irene won’t stop until he learns his lesson! All she really wants to hear is for him to step up his studying game. And she’s just making sure he’s committed to finishing that degree, or else he’ll be in for a lifetime of raspberry-blowing!

Irene really knows how to make punishment belly-button-licious! She’s giving him a finger swirl that’ll make him tingle like a tickle! She’s on a mission to tickle him silly, launching a full-scale belly button attack with raspberry blows, air puffs, and some serious navel exploration. She skillfully explores the depths of his belly button with her pinky finger, unlocking a world of ticklish delight and belly-button bliss.

Obviously very wet and messy from all the raspberry blows on his sensitive belly, Irene has had him on a pinky finger poking and tickling right on his squishy, belly button with just enough swirling to make up for his bad behavior!

This better make him learn his lesson… or it’s back to the tickle table!

Length: 11:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Blowing Raspberries On His Belly


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