BrokenShellFantasies – Double Team Tickling Akira

Sleepover time means pussy tickling time!

Rarely ever letting herself get captured and tickled, Akira is the assigned tickle victim for the custom video this time! An eager Misty and Maria are getting their hands all prepared and stretched for the main event! Payback time! Akira’s all out naked and both legs are stretched upwards – her two friends side to side. Starting from the edges of her clean shaved pussy, they give her soft finger tickles. She laughs uncontrollably until she squirms and begs for them to stop.

The girls level up their tickling performance and they do it in circles, from the edges of her clitoris, to the tip of her toes slowly towards her butthole. She giggles and laughs so hysterical that her body’s swaying all over the place! She could not contain her feels! Her hips are thrusting up and down, wanting to be relieved from the sensual tickling made by the two girls, but it all seems inevitable. She just could not resist it! Begging, moaning, and a lot heck of laughing, emanated the whole bedroom until Akira screams out the magic word to stop. Game over.

Length: 11:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Double Team Tickling Akira

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