BrokenShellFantasies – Irene Mesmerize Into Being Tickled

Irene shares exciting news with her friend, Akira. She tells her how she mesmerized Paula, their other friend. Now, she ought to challenge Akira into mesmerizing her and falling into her trap. Akira agrees and Irene starts to mesmerize her into a deep trance. Unfortunately, Akira’s too good for that and she has already mastered the art of mesmerizing hot women like her. She laughs at her and teaches her how it’s done. Placing her hand gently under her chin, Akira leads Irene to sit down, changes position with Akira, and slowly loses her conscious mind to her.

Akira makes her feel relaxed, while slowly making sure that she’s to fall into a deep trance while luring her into her control. Poor Irene, she’s too gullible and soft and Akira didn’t do anything special to make her mesmerize. Now, Akira’s in control and so she ties her feet and waits for her to get back to her senses. Once she’s back on track, Irene realizes Akira tricked her and now she can’t do anything but follow and try not to resist her friend’s plan.

Akira scoots over and grabs her tied feet. She slides her fingers on her soft soles and soft taps on her toenails. She pinches her soft skin and inserts her sharp fingers in between her toenails. She pours oil over her soles and all Irene can do is watch her feet get slippery and sensitive in a matter of seconds. Akira grabs a comb and brushes it on her soft slippery soles. Irene laughs so hard while begging for her to stop. Too bad, Akira seems to be enjoying the moment as she abusively tickles her perfect feet arches while watching her friend succumb to so much discomfort and satisfaction!

Length: 11:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

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