BrokenShellFantasies – Oiled, Tickled, & Rubbed To Cum

Perfect, pink, wrinkly soles propped up and exposed to your pleasure! Ayla’s feet are bound together, rope tied at the ankles. Reaching out and teasing her sole with just the tip of your fingers, she instantly scrunches her toes up in attempt to protect her ticklish tootsies as she squirms and giggles. Sensually running your fingers down her exposed soft pink soles, she moans and scrunches her toes in pleasure & delight. Tracing your fingers between the cracks in her toes, gently starting to tickle, Ayla laughs harder and harder.

Working her up in a mixture of pleasure and tickles, you oil up Ayla’s perfect smooth feet. Pressing into her pressure points, making her moan out “right there” as you sensually massage and rub out the kinks out of her lovely soles. Hearing her moan when you tickle certain places, you start to get even more excited. Rubbing and teasing those parts, bringing her to multiple orgasms through her giggles and wiggles. Starting to tickle once more, Ayla reaches her threshold for pleasure. Breathing faster now, Ayla’s eyes widen in anticipation as the tickling gets more intense. Gripping at the couch, Ayla arches her neck back and moans in ecstasy as she climaxes from your touch.

Length: 16:00
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Oiled, Tickled, & Rubbed To Cum

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