BrokenShellFantasies – Sushii’s Sole Sensation

Your girlfriend, Sushii is damn tired from all of her errands today. She comes from completely exhausted, and so you ask her if she wants to ease up her mind and relax. Sushii gets back as she lay over the couch and place her foot on the table- thinking she’s in for a sensual foot massage session. Not quite- you have something more devious in mind!

You see her in her sexy black lingerie stockings, and unable to control yourself you start to caress every part of her feet. Examining every single corners of her toes, toenail, and soles, you then take hold of the soles of her fishnets and rip her bare soles right out of the cloth. Gasping in shock, Sushii finds herself unusually turned on from the sensual yet rough foot play.

You put pressure onto your fingers as you tickle her soles aggressively- causing her to burst into laughter and scrunch her toes up in attempt to keep you out of her most sensitive spots. Sushii laughs so hard and giggles in extreme pleasure. Her laughter just gives you chills and you decide to level-up your game. You continue tickling her soft soles with your thumb putting pressure onto the middle part of your sole. Your well kept fingernails give extra thrill to your tickling and she gets overly crazy! Legs and arms shaking, almost about to burst in a confusing climax, she lets a huge sigh as you give your final and most ticklish rub onto her soles.

Length: 12:13
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Sushii’s Sole Sensation

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