BrokenShellFantasies – Tickling His Turkey

For Thanksgiving this year, Dick thinks Akira should personally thank his cock a.k.a. his turkey. It would be the gag of the year! Ready to dig in, Akira’s eyes set on that Thanksgiving masterpiece – the mouthwatering roasted turkey. The anticipation she had built up for this moment, only to be greeted by a rather erect “turkey” that’s just begging to be devoured. Talk about a feast gone wrong!

As Dick is bound to the table in the Thanksgiving tablecloth like a real dinner, he’s in for some unforgettable tickling. Akira sits down to enjoy the delicious turkey she has been anticipating at Thanksgiving, she is somewhat taken aback to see a naked man with a large throbbing cock sticking out of the turkey, eager to be devoured. A day that could have been much better and grandiose—getting fat on the supposed Thanksgiving turkey—instead becomes a hilarious tickle-attack adventure, with Dick practically shedding tears of laughter at Akira’s cruel, talented tickling, leaving no squishy spot untouched!

With Akira’s finger skills on point, she’s poised to unleash tickles so intense, he’ll be wailing and laughing up a storm. Her hands embark on a delightful journey, exploring the tender soles of Dick’s feet, playfully ascending to his ankles and then venturing towards his excited cock. They continue their exploration, making their way up to his hairy chest and tracing the sides of his arms, all the way from his soft palms. Finally, they return to the tantalizing tip of his throbbing cock, leaving him yearning for more. What a ticklish turn of events – looks like Dick’s plan to tickle Akira backfired big time! He’s in tears as she’s having a blast tickling him all over, making him laugh until his jaw hurts.

She has complete control over his cock and can tickle, tease, tantalize, build it up to the sweetest cumshot, empty it of every last drop of cum, and then tickle it again as it nears its release. It may be extremely hard for Dick, but Akira is totally into giving him a nonstop onslaught of tickles and the sensual handjobs in-between on the side to work out all his pent-up frustrations, and she won’t stop until he admits that he is truly grateful for the opportunity to have such a sensual experience on Thanksgiving. Sure, she’ll give in and let him cum, but what about before, during, and after? No one will ever let him in on the secret.

Akira’s really got some serious skills, keeping him on the edge without letting him tip over. With her tantalizing touch and playful teasing, she’s got him right where she wants him – all while his throbbing cock desperately begs for attention. And it seems like Dick’s plan took a rather unconventional approach. Perhaps he could have brainstormed a more clever strategy instead of resorting to the naked dinner table tactic. After all, relying on his “cock as a Thanksgiving turkey” idea might not have been the most effective way to get Akira.

Length: 15:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling His Turkey


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