CaliLogan – Cousin’s Revenge

Sahrye KC has her cousin, Megan Jones, all tied up with her arms rope tied over head! Megan squeals that they’re grown ups now and Sahrye doesn’t have to do this! Sahrye begs to differ, because in the same exact situation, Megan would do the same thing to Sahrye. That’s right, she would have TICKLED HER! Sahrye laughs because it’s Megan’s turn this time—she starts aggressively tickling Megan’s armpits making her burst out into huge belting laughter!!

Megan squeals and tries to catch her breath between laughing, but nothing is going to stop Sahrye from getting her tickle revenge! Megan’s tits bounce up and down while Sahrye takes full advantage of this tickle moment—she’s been waiting since their childhood to get back at Megan! Sahrye tickles Megan’s ribs, in her armpits, around the ears and even her belly and underboobies!! Sahrye pulls up Megan’s top to reveal just the underside of Megan’s tits, and TICKLES away!!

Megan can barely stand all the tickling as her boobies bounce around uncontrollably!! Sahrye’s long nails caress under Megan’s tits and nipples, and Megan can’t help but to just keep on laughing. Up and down, Sahrye runs her nail along Megan’s body, thighs and feet until can Megan can barely even breath! She’s laughed so hard that she gasps for breath and screams between laughs!! Sahrye doesn’t let up for a minute though, and lets the tickletorture take full control of Megan’s laughter! Sahrye wants to tickle Megan until she pees all over—even if she’s not into those kinds of games! Ha!

Length: 15:28
Resolution: 854×480

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