CaliLogan – Employee Training

Sahrye KC and Megan Jones are trying on some new stock in the back of the lingerie store they work in. Megan has a sexy periwinkle blue bra and panty over her black pantyhose, and Sahrye has on a plaid set! The two compare how sexy they look when their boss, Cali Logan, scares them in the middle of the act! Sahrye and Megan are suppose to be on the floor selling lingerie, not trying it on!!

Sahrye tries to say there was no one in the store, so they were trying things on as quality control! Megan totally agrees! But Cali isn’t having it—she demands the two kneel on the couch! She’s taking this physical! These ladies thought it was cute to misbehave… so Cali sits between them to TICKLE their feet with a feather!! The two ladies laugh so hard and kick their feet around trying to avoid the feather but Cali is there to give them a tickle punishment! Naughty girls!

Cali carries on by tickling each lady’s thick booties, and the two laugh as their asses jiggle around! They’re under Cali’s total tickle control! Next, Cali uses her nails to tickle each bum! But wait! Cali has more tickle punishment planned! Not only does she tickle Sahrye’s and Megan’s pussies with the feather… she also TIES them up to a bed with rope for even more tickle punishment!! Cali uses a feather on the bottom of their feet, then her nails, and then she moves on to tickling their armpits and tummies with the feather while all tied up!! Hopefully these ladies learned their lesson during their employee training tickling session!

Length: 12:13
Resolution: 1440×1080

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