CaliLogan – Tickle Tickle with Cali and Sunshine

The fantasy brought to life in this clip is as follows. Starring Cali Logan (as the lee) and Sunshine Tampa (as the ler)

It starts off just you looking at the camera. You say that you heard that I like to hear the word tickle. Then you say “tickle” “tickle tickle” “ooh that tickles” etc. Different combinations of tickle and tickle phrases. All in a natural voice.

Then you say that you heard that I’d like to hear about your introduction to tickling. Go as far back and in depth as you’d like. I’d love to hear some personal stories if you’re comfortable! Or else just since you got into the tickle fetish scene. Like foot parties, your first tickle video, etc. Every once in a while just stop and say “tickle” or “tickle tickle” as a little surprise.

Then pan out to show Sunshine. Ask her if she could tickle you. Please if you can wear shorts and a crop top. Ask her to tickle you all over. Tell her you like to be tickled. Have her put her arm around you, hold your hand and playfully tickle your ribs, sides, underarms, legs, and this time your feet too. Just like the video you did for me with Hannah. Have it be playful but a couple of times I’d love if she tickled you pretty good.

While she is ticking I’d love it if you said “that tickles” “ok that really tickles” “it tickles so much” etc. Phrases like that. When she stops every once in a while could you please ask her to tickle you again. Phrases like “ok I’m ready tickle me again” or “tickle me some more”.

Length: 19:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Tickle with Cali and Sunshine

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