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Savannah Fox smiles in bed as she struggles in the ropes around her wrists and ankles! Cali Logan is close by stalking her prey. This little slave is so ready to endure more from her dominatrix mistress. Mistress Cali gives Savannah two choices, she can pick tickletorture or she can worship Cali’s feet. Savannah whines because she hates feet… and reluctantly picks tickling! Cali aggressively puts a leather blindfold on Savannah’s eyes and adds a big red ball gag! The tickling begins!

Savannah laughs and giggles through her ball gag as Cali tickles her armpits and neck! She pauses just for a moment and Savannah squirms all around in anticipation! The anticipation is often worse than the tickling! Cali moves onto tickling Savannah’s feet and ribs and armpits to the point that Savannah can barely breath through her ball gag laughter! It really is a true tickletorture! Mistress Cali then takes out Savannah’s ball gag and gives her an ultimatum… if Savannah makes a peep during her next few minutes of tickling, then she has to worship Cali’s feet!! Remember Savannah, don’t make a sound!!

Cali tickles Savannah all over and Savannah makes a good while hiding her giggles… until Cali tickles Savannah’s ribs to tickly that she BURSTS OUT in laughter! She couldn’t hold back one second longer! You know what that means… foot punishment time! Cali puts her dirty bare feet on Savannah’s face and makes her suck on her toes!! Savannah groans and slobbers with Cali’s toes in her mouth… but Cali has more! Cali tickles Savannah, foot smothers her, and ropes ties her smelly high heel to Savannah’s face!! Now Savannah is left to struggle in her ropes with the anticipation of being tickled or made a foot slave!

Duration: 16:09.268
Size: 1 195,933 Mb

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