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Cali and Keri are sitting on the bed and Cali has had the hiccups all day. Cali tried everything and Keri tries to scare them out of her. Keri has one method that might help Cali’s hiccups. Keri says she will explain when they get there. To start Cali has to strip to underwear and her arms are tied above her head and ankles are tied togther. Keri lets Cali know that she will be tickling the hiccups out of her but they aren’t working right away. Cali is extremely ticklish and Keri stops every now and then to see is the tickle method has worked. Cali tells Keri to stop and she believes the hiccups have stopped. At least she hoped they were gone. But Cali believes something is wrong with her because they are not going away. So, Keri continues to tickle Cali. With no luck it looks like Cali is stuck with the hiccups.

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