CaliLogansBondageBoutique – Truth Or Dare

Jane Starr, Cadence Lux and Cali Logan sit around in a circle playing “Truth Or Dare.” Cali picks “Truth” so Cadence asks her, “what is your biggest sexual fantasy?” Cali contemplates this for a moment, and answers that she’d love to be tied up spread eagle!! Cali is so innocent that she doesn’t even know what “spread eagle” called! Cadence then DARES Cali to go through with her fantasy… Cadence already has ropes tied to her bed and everything!! She clearly is it into this kinky bondage stuff already! Naughty Cadence!

Cali reluctantly agrees. and the gals quickly tie her up, arms over head AND ankles. Cali begs for only 5 minutes worth of tie up time, but that’s it! She’s nervous! Jane and Cadence totally agree then finish off the rope ties. Suddenly, Cadence has an idea! This bondage scene wouldn’t be complete without a nice duct tape gag AND some hand-over-mouth smothering! Goodness! Cadence clearly is springing her fetish onto poor little innocent, naive, unsuspecting Cali. Cadence calls it the “full experience” and that Cali will “love it” as she slaps a piece of duct tape onto Cali’s mouth!

Little Cali Logan is left struggle and moan while Cadence and Jane tell her how hot she is all tied up like that. They continue chatting while Cali struggles. She begs to be untied, but Cadence says she has to stay tied up for the full 5 minutes! Cadence is nice enough to peel off the duct tape though… only so her and Jane can TICKLE Cali and HAND OVER MOUTH SMOTHER her from laughing!!! Jane mouth smothers Cali while Cadence tickles Cali’s armpits and ribs… then they switch!! Cali gets a great bound tickling session… next up, Cali gets another duct tape gag… and her feet tickled! Finally, the gals really give her the full experience by rubbing Cali to orgasm before just leaving her there tied up!

Duration: 20:17.149
Size: 1 491,767 Mb

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