MellemFootFetish – Bad treatment for a cam girl with MissSweatYumi

For a few months now, I’ve been in a financial mess at home. My husband is increasingly distant, and squanders what little he earns. The situation made me suspicious, and I decided to search his phone. Shock! He’s paying for videos and show cams on an adult website. Most of them with a certain Miss sweat Yumi. I discover her address in their exchanges, because this bastard has offered her a pair of shoes! Mad with revenge, I decide to go to her house to make her regret taking advantage of poor gullible men at the expense of their families. After breaking into her living room, I hide and wait for her to wake up. The attack is swift, and she can’t escape me. I tie her up and wake her with a riding crop. Then I tickle her hard, I want her to suffer, to regret and to stop this sluttish activity. She screams so much that I decide to gag her, to continue until she’s hysterical, trembling with exhaustion!

Length: 8:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

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