OurFantasyChest – All Wrapped Up! – Episode 25 (Part 2)

What little of my resolve that remained, quickly fades away, as Myles continues to scrub my soft soles like a mad man on a mission! The countless firm bristles tickle devouring every inch of my helpless, delicate feet! For brief moments, I’m able to muster a glimpse of control over my body, before I once again melt away into involuntary fits of giggles and laughter. I begin to beg for him to stop with that terrible brush! I can’t take it anymore!

But when he randomly switches to his soft finger tips, or playful foot nibbling, giving me small breaks from that evil tickle hair brush, it doesn’t help! The contrast between the firm tickles of the brush, and the soft scribbling of all ten fingertips, are so opposite that they compliment each other, making each method that much more ticklish!

It only gets worse for me as he taunts me with the massage oil to come! Visions of my soles covered in oil and that hair brush gliding over every ticklish wrinkle fills my mind with desperation! Please not that! Please no more! But it’s too late. I feel the warm oil being poured over my feet, slowly dripping down my soles, and quickly being “rubbed” in with the hair brush! If I wasn’t all wrapped up in this blanket, I would have shot through the ceiling in ticklish laughter! How much longer will he keep me here?! How much longer will he tickle?! How much more can I take…

He stops his tickle attack on my soles, and refocuses his attention on hyper ticklish toes, randomly probing all around, in between and underneath them! Then he holds the tops of my toes back to scribble the base of them! I try to scrunch my toes, but it’s no use, so I do the only thing I can. I laugh. I beg. I continue to ride out fits of laughter as he introduces me a whole new set of ticklish agony, when he straddles on top of my legs, and begins to tickle the tops of my feet and toes! Oh my God! The skin up there is SO soft and sensitive!

He can sense my frantic, ticklish, desperation and begins to ease up on me a bit, telling me it’s time for “The Tickle Home Stretch!” It brings me comfort in knowing it’s almost over, but fear in wondering what this “Home Stretch” was going to be?! “Dumb question Gwen!” I think to myself, as I feel the hairbrush come into contact with my soles again! But the rest of my thoughts are quickly interrupted, dissolving once more into frantic fits of deep, helpless laughter…

Length: 6:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

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