StuckInTheStocks – Selene Squirming!

I’ve found that one of the most fun ways to tickle someone is to start gentle, and ten tell them what you’re planning to do–it really messes with their heads! In this case, I start out with a couple of pen styluses and tell Selene I’m going to write a novel on the bottom of her feet! Her hands are cuffed to the top of the bed, and her feet are in the mini-stocks and she’s got ankle cuffs on pulling her toward the bottom of the bed, so she’s stretched out and has to suffer through the tiny torment! After that, it’s raking sharpened guitar picks over the underside of her toes, and then a vibrating scalp massager! Watching her arch her back and howl with laughter is exquisite!

Length: 9:15
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Selene Squirming!

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