TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Belly tickling situation #3

Eleonore is lying on the bed, immobilized with cellophane and in underwear while Stella is ready to test her resistance to tickling. Stella conducts the investigation with extreme rigor, begins by asking her a few questions, asks her how often she tickles herself, what you feel and how she feels while tickled. Eleonore seems to be a true lover of tickles and reveals that her tolerance is quite high when she does it, but when she is tickled by others, well .. in that case she really suffers. At this point Stella begins to test the patient by tickling her especially on the abdomen and along the hips. Eleonore squirms and laughs victim of Stella’s tickle who, using her nails, tickles her more and more until she reaches the navel, here Eleonore squirms frantically and even more when Stella tickles her armpits. Arriving at the soles of her feet, Eleonore goes crazy, when Stelle tickles her soles she gets excited and laughs in the throes of a strong tickle.
When Stella has collected enough data, she takes with her the folder on which she has marked everything and walks away telling Eleonore that this is only the beginning, the girl remains tied up on the cot waiting for other tests!

Length: 19:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

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