TicklishGirls – Scarlett Topless in the Tickle Chair

Scarlett is back, and you better be as happy as I am. Since I felt like I was on a lucky streak, I asked if there was any way she would do a topless scene. It really feels like holiday season now, because this fantasy came true and I finally have Scarlett topless and locked in the stocks to get tickled. I start off easy, as I do most of the time, tickling her feet and toes with my fingers and the electric toothbrush. A few minutes into the scene, baby oil is rubbed on her soles, and Scarlett is in for some real fun as I have my way with her. She was laughing a lot when I was tickling her toes with the electric toothbrush, but the massagers scrubbing her baby oiled soles take it to the next level. Scarlett is squirming around in the chair and really having a hard time taking it, but bondage is my specialty, and she’s not going anywhere until I’m done with her.

Length: 30:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Scarlett Topless in the Tickle Chair

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