TicklishGirls – Kenzie’s Soles and Toes Tickled in the Stocks

After doing many different tickling sessions with Kenzie over time, I have noticed that she usually has a really hard time taking it on her feet. Light tickling doesn’t work when tickling her though, I always have to use very aggressive techniques. The massagers with baby oil are usually ideal for this, and the vibrating massager works great today. But I got particularly good results today when using a hairbrush on Kenzie’s soles. It seemed like she would burst out into laughter every time I switched over to that hairbrush, especially toward the top of her feet. Kenzie’s size 9 feet are completely helpless in my stocks for a full hour, as I tickle her oiled soles with my vibrating massager and a hairbrush. Her long toes aren’t getting it any easier either, and she is toe tied in the stocks to keep her feet from kicking around. I tickle between her toes with an electric toothbrush, sometimes using the massager or hairbrush at the same time. Even though I never make it easy for her, Kenzie is always happy to let me have my way and tickle her.

Length: 1:00:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kenzie’s Soles and Toes Tickled in the Stocks

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