CrimsonSanctumBDSM – Anastasia’s Topless Tickle Torture

Adorable Anastasia is once again helpless in chains, exactly how we like her. She is cuffed with her arms stretched upwards above her head and her feet pointing out in a straight line. I strap her legs and ankles further with leather belts for good measure, we don’t want this little cutie getting away. I pull the dreaded chain hoist and stretch Anastasia up nice and tight as her grin widens in anticipation. She knows her body is bare, unprotected, stretched out, and helpless. And oh does she know she is about to be tickle tortured on her beautifully displayed flesh.

I begin tickling her on her cute little bare feet. Immediately her struggles and heavy breathing begin. Anastasia has a very unique silent laughter that is so cute and fun to divulge. Her yummy body wiggles as I scratch on the stems of her toes making her thrash and squirm. Her lovely legs are spared no mercy. I dig my fingers into her soft thighs and on top of her knees making her twist and pull on the thick, heavy gauge chains that hold her helpless for torture.

At last I move up to Anastasia’s adorable little body. I couldn’t wait to dig my fingers into her. I begin on her cute underarms. She let some stubble grow on her pits which could not be ignored. Punishment was certainly in order. I tickle our sexy little toy all over her lovely bare underarms, sides, ribs, tummy, belly button, and of course, Anastasia’s delectable wiggling tits. Anastasia’s squirming­, thrashing, silent laughter and silly facial expressions were super cute and sexy. I really enjoyed working with her and I hope you all enjoy her tickle torture as much as I did.

Duration: 9:48.120
Size: 753,284 Mb

Download – Anastasia’s Topless Tickle Torture

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