CrimsonSanctumBDSM – Dolly’s Naked Upside Down Tickle Torture

A wealthy Magister I would be had I a nickel for every time I fantasized about mercilessly tickle torturing a gorgeous, naked, ticklish, teen bombshell while she was hanging upside down. Though the former has evaded me, the latter has thankfully not, and I could not be more thrilled. The positively delectable 18 year old beauty, Dolly, is back in my torture sanctum. She is completely naked and her perfect teen body is just begging to have frantic laughter divulged from her young flesh.

I chain Dolly’s ankles to the dreaded chain pulley and slowly lift her up, inch by inch. She is hanging by her feet, struggling to fight the gravity and keep her arms up to cover her bare body, but it’s no use. She is completely naked and her beautiful bare body is totally helpless to the brutal tickle torture I am about to inflict upon her. Dolly looks so incredible in this position. Her delicious little body is so sexy and fit, and her anticipating smirk is impossible not to act on. She knows her helpless body is about to be tickle tortured, and who can resist such a cutey? Certainly not I.

I begin on Dolly’s lovely thin legs and dig my fingers into her bare thighs. She begins giggling immediately as I dance my fingers all over the inside of her legs. Of course, I couldn’t wait to tickle her perfect, tight little pussy. I wiggle my fingers on her yummy little kitty and she squeals in ticklish delight. Dolly’s laughs are so adorable, especially when being extracted from her secret parts. But alas, I know Dolly’s weak spot and they are just too tempting to ignore. I move down to her gorgeous bare underarms and glide my fingers along her amazing body, and the delectable screams begin. I proceed to tickle torture Dolly all over her helpless and naked underarms, tummy, belly, sides, ribs, ass, and thighs. Her screams and frantic laughter are absolutely intoxicating. Her beautiful bare ass wiggling in my face did not escape the odd spanking. And random kisses and raspberries on her naked body were too tempting to pass up.

Dolly is super cute, energetic, spunky, and an absolute dream to tickle torture. I hope you enjoy her gorgeous young body and frantic screams while she helplessly flails upside down as much as I did.

Duration: 6:22.548
Size: 489,321 Mb

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