CrimsonSanctumBDSM – Helpless Anastasia’s Tickle Torture

What a pleasure it was to tickle torture the sweet blue-haired cutey, Anastasia Nova. Anastasia has a spunky personality and a rocking body of which I was all too eager to tie up and torment. Our little tickle toy is tied to the torture table wearing nothing but a sexy black bra and lovely white panties. She looks so cute tied up like this and her delicious body is perfectly on display, exposed and prone to the impending torture. I begin tickling her on her sexy bare tummy, underarms, ribs, and sides as she squirms, squeals, and erupts in adorable silent laughter. Anastasia’s deep and unpierced belly button is just so unbelievably yummy, I could not resist wiggling my finger in it as she laughed and struggled.

Shortly after her cute little feet are next up for torture. I run my sharp fingernails all over her adorable bare soles and tickle the stems of her feet. Anastasia’s squealing and heavy breathing is so cute to hear and her squirms are just so sexy.

Anastasia’s body was lovely and I could not let her escape without removing her bra and allowing her sexy breasts to roam free. Her yummy body is now completely exposed save for her hot little white panties. I tickle torture her upper body once again, this time including her delicious bare tits. Anastasia’s belly button looked so fabulous with her body stretched out and exposed like this, I simply had to bring my lips to it and blow raspberries all over her belly and sides as she howled in laughter. I straddled her arms to make her even more vulnerable and her ticklish torment continued until it was time to revisit her bare feet for some more torture.

Who can end a tickle torture session without one final encore of foot torment? I just had to straddle her lovely bare feel and scribble my nails all over her soles as she helplessly squirmed and gasped. There was no escape for her feet though. Aside from being tied to the table, they were also firmly locked between my legs. She can do nothing but endure my wiggling fingers on her bare flesh, and her giggles were all I wanted to hear. Tickling Anastasia was a lot of fun and watching her lovely body writhe was just amazing.

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