CrimsonSanctumBDSM – Maple Shine’s Naked Ticklegasm

Lovely Amazonian beauty Maple Shine is back in the dungeon for a fun little session of suffering. She is chained with her arms up and her feet straight out, her gorgeous naked body completely vulnerable for whatever ticklish punishment is in store for her. I begin on her yummy feet. How can they be ignored? Maple’s cute squealing pierces the air as she struggles to break the heavy gauge chains that hold her beautiful wiggling body. I dance my fingers up and down her soles and tickle the stems of her cute little toes as she continues to struggle and squeal.

Maple’s perfect torso is next as I move up to her upper body. Her arms are stretched up so nicely, rendering her sexy hairless pits defenseless and ready for tickles. She is tormented all over her beautiful underarms, tummy, ribs, sides, and hips. Maple’s incredible skin felt positively delectable. It was such a pleasure to feel her lovely body wiggle beneath my hands. Her yummy breasts wiggle and bounce around with glee as she writhes to escape the tickles.

She is then tied to the tickle table with her arms stretched over the end and her legs wrapped around the sides. She looks so deliciously helpless in this position, I just had to continue digging into her lovely body. I continue to tickle her underarms, ribs, and tummy as she squirms and squeals adorably. Maple was such a good little tickle toy that I though she deserved a reward. I slowly bring the magic wand to her sexy little pussy and vibrate her to a much welcome orgasm. I though she deserved it after being such a good girl.

Working with Maple Shine was a lot of fun. We had a lot of laughs, and not just from the tickling! Enjoy her lovely naked body.

Duration: 18:02.047
Size: 1 383,429 Mb

Download – Maple Shine’s Naked Ticklegasm

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