CrimsonSanctumBDSM – Miki’s Insanely Ticklish Body

And so The Crimson Magister falls in love. Can you blame me? I cannot be more thrilled to introduce the oh so lovely Miki. She is young, energetic, beautiful, and most importantly, outrageously ticklish. I could hardly wait to get her helpless in the dungeon. I tie her to the torture table with her arms above her head and her legs tied on either side rendering her completely helpless and prone. She wears only a lovely bra and thong that do little to cover her delectable flesh. Miki’s delicious young body is just perfect. Her skin is so soft and smooth, curves in all of the right places. Her belly button is so sexy, deep, and inviting. Not to be forgotten, her incredible breasts are to absolutely live for.

Our lovely little tickle toy begins laughing hysterically simply by witnessing me approach. She knows she’s helpless and vulnerable, and she knows she is about to be tortured with tickles. I begin lightly tickling her beautiful bare underarms and she absolutely loses it. Miki is so ticklish it’s insane. As predicted, her skin feels like heaven. Feeling her young and ticklish body writhe under my fingers was so incredible. Her perfect tits spill out of her bra instantly as she wiggles and thrashes to escape the torture. I tickle her beautiful body all over her bare and helpless tummy, underarms, belly button, ribs, and of course, her lovely rack. Although her bra did little to cover her sexy breasts as she squirms and screams, I still felt it necessary to remove it and let loose her heavenly boobs. At this point she is covered only by her sexy little teal thong. Her lovely body is tickle tortured some more with her amazing globes free to wiggle and bounce around. Miki acts so cute and silly while she is suffering from tickling. Aside from her adorable squirming and frantic laughing, she also makes the cutest little noises and snorts as she is being tortured. Don’t miss out on this gorgeous little redhead losing her marbles in ticklish agony.

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