CrimsonSanctumBDSM – Naked Dolly’s Ticklish Destruction

Can I ever get enough of this sweet, sexy teen? I think not. Delicious Dolly, our gorgeous little 18 year old tickle slave is back in the dungeon, completely naked and splayed out helpless on the table for some ticklish fun. Oh and fun doesn’t even scratch the surface. Dolly is so ticklish and so energetic that I literally had to pry my hands off of her at the end of the shoot. She’s one of those cuties that you just want to tie up and tickle forever. I tie her loosely, enough that she is spread and helpless for torment, but also enough that she is able to writhe and thrash her incredible, fit little body for our enjoyment.

How can anyone waste any time digging into her? I certainly didn’t. I begin on her beautiful upper body, dancing my fingers across her delectable naked flesh. Dolly squeals and squirms in ticklish agony. I just love hearing her screech while she thrashes her helpless, bare body. I tickle all over Dolly’s lovely bare underarms, ribs, sides, tummy, belly button, and hips. Of course, I couldn’t resist bringing my lips to her perfect tummy and raspberrying her beautiful belly and sides. Naturally, her perfect young body tasted delicious. Her underarms were my next meal. I bring my lips beside her lovely breasts and raspberry Dolly’s amazing pits as she screams and giggles.

Dolly’s little bare feet were just too cute to ignore. I move to the end of the table and begin tickling her soft and lovely soles. I hold her foot and bend her toes back as I tickle and scratch her yummy little feet. Dolly laughs and wiggles her young, tight little bare pussy as she thrashes around to get away from the tickles. While her I discover a few new tickle spots on our poor sexy toy. Tickling the top of her feet and ankles makes Dolly scream in ticklish agony. Her naked body writhing while I torment her is just intoxicating to look at. I couldn’t get enough of her. Her sexy naked legs were my next target. Her soft thighs and tops of her knees were devastatingly ticklish, making her jump and sing a wonderful symphony of screams.

In the final segment I move back up to her lovely body. I straddle her arms and tickle her gorgeous and prone underarms and tummy while she giggles and wiggles her naked young body. Her underarms tasted so incredible in my last series of raspberries, I had to go for seconds. I then straddle her lovely legs and bring my lips once again to her perfect belly. This time I just had to give her kisses while raspberrying her, making her scream in ticklish delight. I rapidly kiss her cute little tummy in between raspberries while she thrashes and screams adorably. After that I once again dance my fingers along her tummy and underarms, tickling her sexy body until she is too exhausted to continue.

Duration: 13:58.170
Size: 1 074,573 Mb

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