CrimsonSanctumBDSM – Snowflake’s Perfect Ticklish Ass

At last we finally have the impossibly gorgeous Snowflake back in the dungeon, helpless and spread for excruciating ticklish torment. After quite a few requests, I decided to focus on the literal epitome of perfection, Snowflake’s incredible rear end. Snowflake is tied face down and spread out on the table of ticklish suffering, tied at her wrists, elbows, and feet. She is completely helpless and vulnerable. Her beautiful bare ribs, sides, underarms, and legs are just begging for excruciating tickle torment.

Snowflake looks amazing all the time and from every angle, but to see her in this position, wearing nothing but those tiny micro-bikini bottoms was just too much to handle. I buzzed no time digging my claws into her beautiful bare body. I tickle Snowflake on her lovely, soft, bare underarms, ribs, and sides as she squirms and squeals adorably. Of course, her incredible bare ass would escape no torment. I move to her backside and begin a barrage of tickling, raspberrying, and spanking her beautiful butt until it turns cherry red. Watching her squirm and hearing her sexy squeals was simply lovely.

In the last segment, I turn to Snowflake’s cute little bare feet. I remembered her weak spot from last time. Tickling the stems of her big toes is as evil as it gets with her. Naturally I obliged. Wouldn’t you? I thought I should spice up Snowflake’s torment a little, so I decided to drench her feet in baby oil and take the hairbrush to her lovely soles. I scratch up and down her yummy and oiled up feet with the hairbrush and my finger nails until Snowflake is absolutely exhausted from the torment.

Snowflake is gorgeous, fun, and a total blast to tie & tickle. Her cute little squeals are super sexy too. She has a body to live for and a personality that’s just as awesome. I know you’ll enjoy her as much as I did.

Duration: 15:05.070
Size: 1 159,816 Mb

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