CrimsonSanctumBDSM – The Tickle Torture of Sexy Snowflake

When I laid eyes on her, I could scarcely believe what I was looking at. I’m sure most would agree. 19 year old Snowflake is an outrageously breathtakingly gorgeous blonde with arguably the most incredible body I’ve ever seen. Perfect Snowflake is tied up and stretched out helpless on the torture table. She is wearing the sexiest, tiniest, most revealing little white bikini and g-string thong. She looks so hot stretched out like this with that insanely hot face and body. Her beautiful flesh was just begging to be tickled. I begin on Snowflake’s amazing upper body, tickling her exposed and vulnerable tummy, ribs, belly button, sides and underarms. Her lovely belly did not escape a few raspberries, which she found hilarious. Snowflake has a super sexy and desperate laugh which is music to the ears. Her underarms were quite sensitive and I fully took advantage of it.

Eventually it was time to reveal Snowflake’s perfect breasts. I untied & removed her tiny little white bikini top leaving her virtually naked save her g-string. Her flesh felt like heaven, and her globes were even better. Snowflake looks so incredible here, it was impossible to refrain from torturing her some more. Her adorable laugh and sweet demeanor was euphoric, as was feeling her perfect body writhing under my fingers. I tickle torture her more on her delicious body, complete with raspberries on her belly and underarms. Soon after, I realize I’ve been ignoring Snowflake’s lovely little dancer feet.

Snowflake’s feet are adorable and ticklish. I straddle her legs and hold her feet tight as I begin to drag my nails against her soft soles. Snowflake definitely has a tickle spot on the stem of her big toes. As soon as I discovered it, Snowflake begins her adorable and helpless giggles. She insists that “I’m evil”, and I could hardly disagree. That said, who wouldn’t want to tickle torture this incredible beauty. I continue to tickle all over her toes and soles until Snowflake is completely exhausted.

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