CrimsonSanctumBDSM – Torturing Jaden’s Amazing Body

Suffer for me my lovely slave. Oh and suffer she does. Delicious Asian Jaden is in the dungeon and tied in one of my favorite positions. She is on the torture table, arms stretched up above her head and over the ledge, legs wrapped around the side. Her elbows are also cuffed and tied for even less mobility. She is completely helpless and ready for whatever tortures my sadistic mind can think up. Jaden looks incredible stretched out like this. Her young, beautiful body is fully prone and on display as she wiggles in helplessness. Jaden is barely clothed at all, wearing a thin string bikini that leaves very little to the imagination, and thankfully so. Her bare body is delectable and ready for torture.

I can’t resist tormenting her for even a second. I dig my fingers into her gorgeous body and torture her bare underarms, ribs, tummy and belly button. Her lovely belly did not escape ticklish raspberries as she squirms and squeals. Her bare hips have no protection thanks to her tiny thong bottoms. This is unfortunate for her (and great for us) as her hips are most certainly her most ticklish spot. She lets out such lovely screams when I prod them mercilessly. Her tiny bikini top is eventually removed and she lies there helpless, wearing only her tiny thong. Her perfect body looks so incredible. She is tortured some more on her lovely near-naked body and of course, her amazing bare breasts.

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Duration: 16:40.666

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