CurationDeTickly – First Time Hogtied & Tickled Cowboys Fan

Angel is gorgeous, tall, slim, and definitely could be a cheerleader for America’s Team (or most hated team depending on your perspective). But most importantly, TICKLISH. We discovered she’s a Cowboys fan, indoctrinated since birth and couldn’t resist having her show up in her Cowboy fan garb just to put her in her first ever hogtie and tickle her into submission. She puts up a good fight resisting the tickles, holding her breath, struggling to get away, but resistance is futile. Hot and hogtied in the kitchen, we test and tease her vulnerable body while taunting as we go. Angel has a very feminine and almost polite sounding laugh, and our tickler is determined to extract as much of it as possible! Using a few tickle tools and mixing up attacks on her armpits, back, neck, thighs and of course her slender size 9 feet, our tickler has a ball getting this gorgeous gal giggling. He even adds some toe sucking to the mix while getting up close and personal with her sensitive soles for tickles. In the process our tickler is threatened, called evil, called “Dr Evil”, reminded that “payback is a brown haired bitch”, and even assaulted at the end of this clip (off camera) lol. Enjoy this multi-angle and up-close and personal clip with Angel. We’re a few months out from football season, but the NFL Draft is coming soon and it’s never too soon to ask HOW BOUT THEM TICKLISH COWBOYS FANS ?!! 🙂

Length: 13:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – First Time Hogtied & Tickled Cowboys Fan

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