CurationDeTickly – Nylons & Stocks & Tickles OH MY!!!

Once again, I promise no one was hurt in the making of this clip but we had some scares lol. We gotta hurry up and get her back before she comes to her senses and never deals with us again! I must say this woman is a trooper allowing herself to be thrown in the deep waters of tickle kinkery. And what did we do?? Well, we put her in the stocks, had our tickle way with her, and even the camera man get’s in on the action! After about 3 minutes, she has to have a self-reassurance therapy session that she was ok and she’s still alive. We give her short breaks here and there, and get her to let her guard down pretending to care about Netflix shows she watches, all while plotting to sneak attack vulnerable areas while her guard is down and of course, focus on those nyloned ebony soles. This clip is a full body tickling despite her being in the stocks, but of course we dished out a rather healthy helping of feet tickling in the process. We THOROUGHLY tickle interrogated her feet, legs, ribs, underarms, and anywhere else we could get a reaction purely for our enjoyment! though her feet get a HEALTHY portion of the tickle assault. She actually dislodged the stocks from the anchoring to the table and one point, which I must say I’ve never seen or experienced! Of course we anchored them right back down, and continue the tickle barrage to her vulnerable body. Special shout out to Houston Foot Fetish for manning the camera and lending an extra pair of hands for tickling bwahahahaha! We laughed, she laughed A LOT, and struggled and screamed and pleaded, cried and “nearly died” let her tell it! You’ll love this instant classic featuring the one we affectionately call The Don Diva!

Length: 21:23
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Nylons & Stocks & Tickles OH MY!!!

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