CurationDeTickly – OH FU-K, OMG, PLEASE STOP

As in “OH FU*K OMG PLEASE STOP TICKLING ME!!”. This vid is ENTIRELY UPPER BODY FOCUSED, with complete concentration on her flat toned tummy with plenty of navel focus for the bellybutton lovers, and of course her smooth armpits. Meet Tee, a young 20-something Desi Woman with a gorgeous face, flawless skin, a shapely body, cute feet, and a bit of a potty mouth (but we like it). Unfortunately for her, she’s run into Jason who’s in full swing of his tickle awakening and she finds herself tied at the wrists, hands anchored overhead, and at his mercy. Jason takes up position behind her grabbing her from behind and beginning his tickle assault starting at her waist and working his way up to her armpits. We’ve never heard a young lady utter the words “OMG” and “Oh F**K” so many times in such a short period, but her delicious begging and pleading for mercy takes the cake. “OMG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE” will be music to your ears as Jason digs in and holds her in place from running away from his wiggling fingers. Her armpits, ribs, sides, back and navel all get very healthy amounts of tickling in this introduction of Tee to the The Curation.

Duration: 9:09.200
Size: 1 293,087 Mb


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