CurationDeTickly – Oily Foot Tickling Frenzy for Sasha Monae

By now Sasha Monae has had her Orientation, has been tickled on her upper body, hogtied, and now is ready for her tickle finale here at The Curation. Hands tied behind her back and feet already oiled quite nicely and tied to the bed in front of her, our tickler taunts her verbally while extracting the giggles from her shapely soles. Starting only with hands, our tickler then uses a comb on her feet which proves to be very effective, before finally going to the heavy duty tools to really get her howling! Cackling and falling over laughing her ass off, Sasha can’t handle the electric toothbrush tracing her soles and toes as if she’s receiving an invisible soles tattoo! If you like pretty girls with pretty feet getting tickled, this is definitely the one for you!

Duration: 8:49.562
Size: 339,006 Mb

Download – Oily Foot Tickling Frenzy for Sasha Monae

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