CurationDeTickly – Sunshine’s Varsity Tickling Experience


“And so it begins” our tickler whispers creepily, going straight for Sunshine’s exposed armpits to start before making his way down to her mid-section. Tied at the wrists and ankles and stretched out on the bed, there’s nothing she can do as he methodically interrogates her upper body, down to her legs, to her toe-tied toes and back. Her perfect high arches struggle in the camera as our tickler extracts laughs from her slender frame. And then come the tools! He couldn’t let her leave without enlisting the usual suspects to help torture those perfect ebony soles could he?? Backscratchers, pipe cleaners, brushes, etc are all deployed with vigor on her helpless bare feet! Usually known for her gorgeous feet, Sunshine gets an extended dose of full-body tickle torture while you get a bird’s eye view of this nearly 19 minute tickle assault!

Duration: 18:42.421
Size: 411,991 Mb

Download – Sunshine’s Varsity Tickling Experience

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