CurationDeTickly – TeeTee’s Back Seat Foot Tickling

Meet TeeTee, a young lady with a pretty face, cute bod, and pretty feet that are downright tempting, so naturally they must be tickled! Thankfully, she’s willing to hop in the backseat, pop her feet out of her new Haviana sandals, and have them secured in the front headrest. And this is where our scene begins, with our tickler opening the passenger side door, sitting down so that his eyes are at sole-level, and proceeds to tickle away! She screams out “STOP”, “MOVE”, and “GET OFF ME”, but to no avail as our tickler goes first tickles her with fast fingers, a single brush and finishes with dual brushes simultaneously!! More of TeeTee to come in more ticklishly vulnerable positions! Enjoy!!

Length: 4:14
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – TeeTee’s Back Seat Foot Tickling

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