CurationDeTickly – Tickling Orientation for Sasha Monae

Meet Sasha Monae, a 20-something recent college graduate. Her exquisite size 9 feet have garnered her quite the following on social media as she is a known FJ Artist, but today marks her introduction to tickling. Seated with her feet up on the footrest directly in the camera, our tickler explores her shapely tatted legs down to her pretty feet and back testing her level of sensitivity. She tries her best not to laugh but resistance is futile as she squirms, covers her face, and does whatever possible to keep from turning into a laughing mess. Going back and forth between fits of silent laughter, and asking herself “why does this tickle” between bouts of cackles, Sasha Monae is assured if our tickler worked at her school that he would have her sent to the principal’s office for “special activities” and when she graduated, she’d be one of the students to get a hug on stage along with her diploma. This introductory tickle serves to be the appetizer before we throw Miss Sasha into the deep water, but enjoy a ticklish girl’s introduction to tickling the likes of which she has never experienced!

Duration: 7:35.872
Size: 159,96 Mb

Download – Tickling Orientation for Sasha Monae

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