CurationDeTickly – Tickling the Oily Golden Arches of Sunshine

Known for her “Golden Arches”, Sunshine finds herself in a rather compromised position, and ba da ba ba ba – I’m lovin it! This biracial HIGH ARCH having, pretty toes painting, meaty soled maven, undergoes a thorough tickling of her heavily oily soles. The clip opens with the tickler pouring an excessive amount of baby oil on her restrained feet, gives a big gulp as if he’s just drank a large glass of water, and then proceeds to go to town with fingers, tools, and vigor! No plot here…just a pretty girl, with pretty feet, that get really oily and tickled for nearly 10 minutes…Indulge!

Duration: 9:40.747
Size: 213,554 Mb

Download – Tickling the Oily Golden Arches of Sunshine

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