CurationDeTickly – Wednesday Addams Introduction to Foot (Tickle) Fetish Part 2

Wednesday’s fetish orientation continues where part 1 left off, with her very well taken care of size 8 feet being tickled! Soft as they look and moist to the touch, she is tickled continuously throughout this clip with some breaks for conversation and foot teasery. Not fond of being forced to show outward expressions of joy or laughter, she naturally tries to resist and stifle the sensations and subsequent reactions from having her sensitive feet taken to task by a tickler. It’s always fun when a ticklee goes from “I’m not that ticklish”, to saying “oh fawk” before their head rolls backward and laughter comes pouring out of them! In Wednesday’s case, it almost sounds painful that she’s in this position. She’s also asked about being tied up, is reminded of her toe-cuffs (which makes our tickler jealous), talks about how she progressively got un-ticklish on other parts of her body, and discusses other foot fetish facets she’s aware of including how she’d find ball-busting to be quite fun. But let’s not bury the lead, this video is over 12 minutes long and a solid 8+ has her feet being tickled with her doing her best not to give our ler the satisfaction of any kind of laugh. What can we say…..she tried 😉

Duration: 12:33.986
Size: 627,418 Mb

Download – Wednesday Addams Introduction to Foot (Tickle) Fetish Part 2

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