DollHouseStudio – Foot Tickle In White Footies

If the foot model can start off the video wearing her white footies or ankle socks and the tickler can have the long red nails again. So the position would be like zoomed in so all we see is the foot in the air and the long nails. The first 30 seconds would be like a sock removal tease where we see a finger slowly lift up the back of the sock from the ball of her foot to expose the sole of her foot while the foot twirls around a bit, just teasing the viewer. After 30 seconds you remove the sock completely and walk your nails from the ball of the foot to the middle. Once you get to the middle you lightly twirl your index fingernail around the arch of her foot and tickle for about a minute at a time while she curls her toes and scrunches her sole and eventually pulls her foot away like she’s too ticklish. Then we see your hand grab her ankle and bring her foot back into view of camera and repeat the walking and tickling her arch until she can’t take it and pulls her foot away.

Duration: 7:44.833
Size: 779,789 Mb

Download – Foot Tickle In White Footies

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