DollHouseStudio – Lawyer Feet Tickling

You (Kylie) are a powerful lawyer who works a lot and doesn’t spend much time at home. You can tell your husband is becoming dissatisfied with your marriage because you are never around, so you decide to surprise him for his birthday by letting him do something you typically never let him do -Tickle your bare feet.

Husband arrives home from work to find your feet locked in the wooden chair. First he removes your stilettos. Over the next several minutes, he uses his fingers to figure out where your feet are most ticklish, taunting you each time he finds a spot.

Full/ankle length business suit incl. stiletto high heels
Red painted toe nails
Toe ring(s)
Tickling type: Sensual m/f foot tickling using fingers only

Duration: 5:26.133
Size: 391,748 Mb

Download – Lawyer Feet Tickling

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